Branding, Illustration, Typography


Design of the logotype, typography, colour palette and illustrations. The shape of the logo is based on the negative space the therapist's hands creates in practice. Branding is implemented across both print and digital platforms. Informational folder is tri-folded to reveal an indepth explanation of the Bowen Therapy and its key benefits, highlighting the most common problem areas on the skeleton illustration. The folder is printed on a 100% recycled paper with vegetable ink.


Branding, Typography, Graphic Design


The most popular and best-selling stationery template at moo. Bertram Hotel is where Miss Marple stays when she is visiting London in Agatha Christie's crime novel. Inspired by the mirror reflection on a completely still lake, where it is almost impossible to distinguish what is landscape and what is the reflected image (except the fact that oneof them is upside down). The detail side is a reflection of the image side. It looks the same, but it is not. It is just like the people who frequents the hotel's tearoom, strangers that remind you of someone you know.

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