Art Direction, Signage, Interior


Whilst many shops are closing down, leaving the high-street empty and switching to the ever so popular e-commerce – moo decided to do the opposite. Stepping out of the online world and into the real world. Recreating the digital website in a physical format, a web-shop you could actually go into. With shelves acting as browse windows, roller blinds turned in to drop-down menus and slideshows. A jar filled with chocolate chip cookies, for those who accept cookies! The friendly staff acts as both customer service and the check-out payment process. Welcome to step into the digital realm!


Interior Design, Typography, Signage


Boston office is all about typography. The meeting rooms are named after

the crew's favourite typefaces and the window manifestation becomes a type-specimen. A huge exploding ink-drop is catching your eye as soon as

you walk through the door, Rockwell is coming in from the left and Baskerville from the right. You will be surprised to discover the subtle Helvetica quote

wall (only on a sunny day), as it is white gloss vinyl on a matte white wall.

So hard to photograph!


Jovanna Mendes de Souza © All Rights Reserved.