Art Direction, Branding, Copywriting, Layout


Marketing materials for Emerse. Booklet explaining how programmatic video advertising works, in a simple way with easy to understand infographics. Digital advertising handbook translates complicated terminology to plain English. Stationery set and business cards.


Art Direction, Illustration, Layout


A marketing mail-out from moo to creative agencies in the UK and US. The idea is to catch attention and engage, as well as introducing the rounded corner card and showcase the print and paper quality. Referencing the CMYK values used in the colour combination. Creating something different, something you actually keep and use. Let's play!


Art Direction, Advertising, Layout


Marketing campaign targeting crafters and Etsy sellers in both UK and US. The moo advert is still running in Oh Comely Magazine and is one of the most successful adverts to date. The advert was made both as a single and a double page version alongside a direct mail postcard to targeted high profile Etsy sellers. Postcards distributed at Hello Etsy event in Berlin and and San Francisco.

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