Packaging, Branding, Typography


An independent sewing pattern label, championing individual style in fashion. The logo is designed to celebrate strong femininity – simplistic and bold,

yet stylish and elegant. Each pattern sleeve is lined with an unique pattern, complementing the garment and giving the customer an exciting and delightful experience when opening the packaging. Sleeve window and thumb-grip shape is deriving directly from the branding typography to make a strong connection and create consistency. Booklet contains instructional illustrations of how to stitch the garment together. The small sewingmachine icons at the front cover tells you the difficulty level.


Packaging Design, Art Direction, Graphic Design


Bespoke insert trays and tailored dividers were created for this SXSW give-away. Telling a story about the importance of networking and giving some very insightful and handy tips along the way. Different layers creates an element of surprise when opening and discovering the many components of the kit. Containing a set of emergency business cards, conversation starters, fun stickers and a selection of vouchers and goodies from moo partners.

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